Basil and Fleur ISLAY

Basil and Fleur ISLAY

Basil and Fleur
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The beautiful ISLAY plant basket is a chic Scandi style alternative to a traditional plant pot, and can also be used for storing children's toys, dog toys, general clutter...

Lightweight and folding flat for transit, each basket's carbon footprint is kept to a minimum as well as enabling easy storage, relocation within the home and house moves!

The ISLAY is made from stiff and sturdy fabric. When first unfolded, stuff with a cushion or similar and leave for 24 hours to shape.

Please note that the ISLAY is not waterproof. If you intend to water your plants in situ, please use a drip tray to protect your surfaces. However, we recommend that plants are watered in a sink or bath and left to dry before being returned to their home, as plants left sitting in water are at risk of developing root rot and other problems.

  • Details

    Material: 50% cotton (outer layer) / 50% non-woven fabric (unseen inner layer)

    Dimensions (external and internal):

    Small: height 20cm x diameter 19cm - for inner pots up to 17cm in diameter