Grow Tropicals Fine Charcoal 2.5L

Grow Tropicals Fine Charcoal 2.5L

Moss & Fern
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Biochar is a carbon rich soil amendment that doesn't readily decompose.

Amazonian peoples use charcoal as a key ingredient in their terra preta soils and today it is a staple component in nearly every substate mix used in the aroid, terrarium and vivarium hobbies.

Used as 1 in a 10 part substrate mix, charcoal can help to stem mould and its open capillary structure acts as a conduit for water, air and nutrients. 

Biochar aids:

  • Water retention
  • Nutrient supply to roots
  • Decrease runoff of nutrients
  • Support microbes and mycorrhizal fungi

Graded to 0-8mm (mostly 1-3mm fines).