Oils in Bloom Diffuser Oils

Oils in Bloom Diffuser Oils

Oils in Bloom
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100% pure essential oil blends designed to calm, heal & soothe through therapeutic aroma. Add to your electric diffuser, your oil burner (dilute with water) or even add 2/3 drops to your bath tub.

  • Scents

    AWAKENING by Oils in Bloom. 
    A blend of lemon, peppermint & eucalyptus to cleanse the air & awaken the soul. This synergy helps to uplift, detoxify and energise. The perfect blend to fight colds, aids respiratory problems, diminish mental fogginess & increase focus & clarity. 

    SLEEP ~ As human beings in order for our body to perform at its best it must also rest at its best. Sleep is our body’s way of recuperating & repairing. 
    SLEEP blend is designed for the modern world using old world remedies. The power of our purest essential oils aid a hypnotic transition to dream land.