Olive & Fig co Grounded Candle (Lavender & Eucalyptus)

Olive & Fig co Grounded Candle (Lavender & Eucalyptus)

Olive & Fig
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Blended with pure essential oils, use to de-stress and bring yourself back to earth. Perfect for meditation, yoga or before bed.
Lavender – helps to alleviate anxiety and insomnia
Eucalyptus – boosts circulation and rejuvenates the spirit
Frankincense – the king of essential oils, promotes feelings of calm and spiritual connection
Cedarwood – reduces stress and anxiety
Made with plant based soy wax and a cotton wick, for a clean burn with less sooty residue

mini 120ml approx 20 hours burn time

large 180ml approx 35 hours burn time

Glass jar & aluminium lid can be reused or recycled. Shipped in recycled, compostable packaging.
Vegan friendly, paraben, phthalate and cruelty free
Made by hand  in Brentwood, Essex