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Plant Rescue Bags

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Plant production is a multi-billion-pound industry and with it comes all the environmental costs  associated with mass production: energy and water consumption, peat consumption, chemical  use, emissions from air and freight travel, not to mention the amount of non-biodegradable  plastic used. Those of us who buy plants like to think of our hobby as being ‘green’, but plant  production has a large environmental footprint, made even greater by our unwillingness to  accept anything but absolute perfection. Plants are green, but plant production is not.  

It’s troubling to think about the harm that growing plants on a massive scale have on the  environment - fossil fuel consumption, neonicotinoid pesticides, water and peat consumption - all of which are wasted when a plant is discarded. Plants considered unsuitable for sale because  of an 'imperfection' are thrown away in their millions.  

Most of us agree that throwing away vegetables because they’re wonky shouldn’t be an  acceptable practice, and yet plants are being discarded on a massive scale for the same reason.  

It's this senseless waste that the Plant Rescue Box aims to address. 

Please note these plants are randomly selected and need some extra care, are non-refundable, and some may not survive.

Small bags contain 3-4 plants and large 1-3 bigger or rarer plants.