Soil.Ninja Base Mix

Soil.Ninja Base Mix

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This nutritious blend acts as a general mix for the vast majority of houseplants, with the ability to be specialised based on the plants needs. Packed with aerators already, this mix will serve all houseplants a full pallet of nutrients along with plenty of aggregate formed air chambers to allow roots to breathe while growing.

Adapting the mix is a great way to learn more about how plants have different needs. With good care, most plants will grow perfectly well in the mix as it is, however some plants that are more sensitive or are prone to root rot when overwatered may want some adaptations as a precaution.

 Ways to specialise:

 Sand: 10-20% of total soil volume

·        Allows soil to dry quicker

·        Improves Drainage

·        Suits plants with finer roots

Bark: 20 – 50% of total soil volume

·        Creates a chunkier and more organic mixture

·        Adds structural strength to pot for taller plants

·        Great for tree climbing species

Vermiculite - 10-20% of total soil volume

·        Creates a water retentive mixture

·        Extra aeration

·        Great for thirsty plants that hate to dry out

 Zeolite 10% of total soil volume

·        Acts as a nutrient storage site in the soil

·        Absorbs impurities that build up in the pot over time

·        Aerates the soil