The Big Goat's Cheese Making Kit

The Big Goat's Cheese Making Kit

The Big Cheese Making Kits
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Making your own Goat’s Cheese is so incredibly simple with the new and improved Goat’s Cheese Making Kit! There’s enough ingredients to make 10 batches, and the Kit has a shelf life of at least 12 months. Just add milk and fresh soft and creamy or rich and crumbly goat’s cheese is around an hour away.,.
Goat’s Cheese Kit
Our Goat’s Cheese Kit is now better than ever. It’s beautifully designed, simple to use, and makes fresh homemade Goat’s Cheese in around an hour. What’s more, it comes with a wonderful instructions and recipe booklet. And when you Make your cheese and then use it in a divine Leek and Goat’s Cheese Crumble Tart!

With just 4 pints of goat’s* milk and this Goat’s Cheese Kit you could be impressing your friends and family with your delicious Chevre (from the French for goat.) This kit makes two varieties, a firm crumbly cheese, and a soft creamy one. All you need at home is a large pan and colander.

The kit contains enough ingredients to make 10 batches, and each batch weighs around 680g. There’s no need to make it all at once though… that would be a crazy amount of cheese! Stored in your cupboard this kit will last absolutely ages (well over a year) so you have plenty of time to enjoy it and dip in and out of cheese making.

Buy one today and join the cheese making revolution!

* Goat not included…

See ingredient list below for potential allergens. Packaged in an environment where trace elements of nut may be found.

Ingredient List:
Anhydrous Citric Acid 100g & Organic Sea Salt 100g